We will always recommend routers most suitable to our customers’ requirements. In most cases, customers moving over from ADSL to the NBN will be required to have a new router as old routers are usually too old to be compatible for new Fibre to the Node or Fibre to the Premises NBN connections. At Gnet.Live the routers we sell our customers are not locked to us and can be fully configured.

Many customers have existing modems and routers from other service providers that are locked and have limited functionality, unfortunately, these cannot be used with another service provider as they are locked.

There are several considerations to make when choosing a new router. These can be placed into the following categories.

1. Local Area Network Requirements

Do I have a lot of computers connected via ethernet and run network attached storage on my network? If so we would recommend choosing a router that has faster 1000Mbps LAN ports (gigabit LAN ports). If you don’t connect many devices via ethernet than a more entry level router with 100Mbps LAN ports may be suitable depending on you wifi requirements.

2. WiFi Requirements

Do you have a large number of wireless devices? Do you share video’s and photos from the devices to your television via devices like an Apple TV? If so choosing a router with better performing wireless technology with the newer AC wireless standard will be of great benefit if you have such these requirements. The better wireless units will also be able to provide a better wireless signal with higher transmission speeds available than cheaper units.

3. Do You Require Failover Internet Connections for Redundancy?

Some businesses and personal users may require a second internet connection for redundancy in case their main connection goes offline due to an outage. We can supply compatible routers that will automatically failover between backup redundant connections such as between our Fixed Wireless services and NBN /ADSL and or 3G/4G links. If you require such a router some have this capability. We can supply failover connections for business customers and personal users if required and will discuss with you the best router choose to enable these more advanced features.

4. Do You Require a Home Phone?

Newer connections over the NBN and our fixed wireless utilise VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) for making calls. This requires an adapter to allow you to plug in your traditional corded or cordless phones. We recommend utilising routers that have this capability built in so the best compatibility and trouble free use. If you purchase a router that does not built-in voice ports for internet telephony than you may experience a mulitude of audio issues due to routing requirements. We sell an all in one solution for our personal customers and provide compatible routers and quality dedicated IP phone systems for our business customers.

For more information or to speak to us about your options feel free to contact us