At Gnet.Live we offer our customers great speeds. We want to explain however some factors which can effect your speed and help you to better understand what you can expect to get from our service. Have a look at below and contact us with any further questions you may have..

Our fixed wireless speeds start at 30/10Mbps. Other ADSL services can very significantly in speed. If you are currently on an ADSL service you may be getting anywhere between 1.5/0.35 Mbps to 20/0.9Mbps. This difference in possible speed comes because of the length of the copper wire from the exchange to your premises. With ADSL there are no possible speed upgrades until other infrastructure replaces it with the full rollout of the NBN.

At GNET our speeds are upgradable and represents the speed of the link the customer is paying to have access to for the duration of their data allowance. Our plans give you much faster downloads with greater consistency and less congestion. Another major benefit with our service is the upload speed. If you are coming from an ADSL service you will be able to upload anywhere from 10-30 times faster than you current speeds. Your downloads may also be up to 20 times faster (depending on your current ADSL speeds).

There may be several factors which determine when it is possible to achieve your maximum link speed. Some of these cases are outlined below to help explain it for you. Feel free to ask questions if you have any.

Several Factors Can or Will Influence Your Maximum Speeds

When connected on a service with (for example) a 30 Mbps rated download speed, it’s not guaranteed that everything that you download from the Internet will be received by you at 30 Mbps. External factors that might affect your actual speed include things like:

  • the computer or device you’re accessing the Internet on
  • the links between your internet provider and your computer (eg. your wifi router or ethernet cable)
  • the network connecting your community to your internet provider (external traffic congestion outside of your internet provider).
  • the site or content your are accessing (their site may have congestion)

Factors Affecting Your Speed Performance

You might find your speed is affected by technical issues within your own home and could include:

  • hardware you use to connect to the network – this may be your router
  • your home network – your line speeds may be faster than your wireless home network (or your device may be far from your wifi access point)
  • your devices hardware and software.

When you connect on a new GNET plan our technician will do their best to ensure your devices are able to benefit from our fast local internet, however because of the above mentioned factors your actual speeds may be slower due to a number of factors beyond GNET’s control.

If you have questions or inquiries about your internet speed potential feel free to contact us and we will do our best to deliver the speeds you are after.

Keep an eye out for a new optional plan upgrade in the coming months. We call it GNET Swift!