WDN – Lake Macquarie District

Gnet.Live offers the reliable WDN to parts of Cooranbong, Morisset, Mandalong, Wyee and Wyee Point. Our network is built to ensure a fast reliable connection; we are always expanding in areas of greater demand. Gnet.Live prides itself in being able to provide real consistent great value connectivity so you can get on with what matters most. The Watagan Digital Network in the Lake Macquarie Area is among the fastest Internet available. We have personal and business plans to cater for your needs. If you need access to greater speeds contact us, we look forward to creating a custom solution for you either on our own WDN, NBN or through a variety of dedicated Fibre Optic services.

What Technology are we using for the WDN?

We utilise a mixture of technologies to deliver the best solution for your needs. Our Watagan Digital Network is constantly expanding to provide you excellent service and value. We can cater for specific needs. If you require site to site VPN solutions or specialised faster access speeds get in touch with us. You can receive our service in places that NBN or ADSL2+ broadband is currently not available. Get in touch with us today to express your interest and specific needs you would like us to meet.

What methods are you using to deploy the WDN?

We are deploying the WDN via fixed wireless, Ethernet and Fibre where suitable to provide you the best connectivity. One of our technicians will install an antenna at your location (if required) which connects directly into one of our nearby base stations. This is a direct, secure connection. Our technician will install a single Ethernet outlet inside your home or business. This provides the socket to the outside world.

No Phone Line Needed!

With our WDN you don’t need a phone line to receive the service, and your speed can be upgraded depending on your budget and needs.

Why WDN?

It is a local high performing network which can be paired with NBN connectivity for additional redundancy and less internet downtime. At Gnet.Live we personally understand the frustrations that customers have in their traditional broadband internet options. We are here to support and provide for the local residents and business. We look forward to providing solutions to exceed and provide for your connectivity needs.

How can I get your connected to your WDN service?

First check our coverage, if you are in a coverage area or very close to the edge, contact us. We will confirm your specific address can receive our signal (this may involve a free site visit by one of  our technicians). Gnet.Live will then connect your location to our network. This may be via a small external antenna typically mounted on the highest point of your building and where the best signal can be obtained. This antenna provides internet connectivity allowing you to plug in your router or wireless access point via a cat 6 ethernet wall socket WAN (Wide Area Network) port. Wireless units are compact and meet all Australian safety regulations ensuring a strong, reliable signal.

Our Watagan Digital Network provides you with high-speed Internet access. You just need to chose a plan and contact us to get connected. Typical installations requests are completed in less than 5 working days.

My internet speeds are terrible at the moment, can you help?

Gnet.Live is proud to be a local internet service provider. If you and others near you need a better internet connection we specialise in connecting small towns and communities. If there is enough demand in an area we will happily come out and build a small local tower (normally on a shop or factory roof). That will then provide fast local internet to the surrounding area.

We are not a large ISP and as such can create customised solutions for any need. We only require an interest of 10 people for us to start considering the site. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Have a look over the map below to see if you are already within a Watagan Digital Network area. If you are not in a coverage area but would like to be, contact us to make it happen quicker.

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