If you’re like most people, you get scam emails and a lot of us have dreamed about sending those scammers emails to annoy them. There is an answer to that problem now.

You know, some King in Nigeria wants to give you millions of dollars right out of the blue but for a small fee of course, looks totally legit right? Most people can tell right away it’s a scam, unfortunately some people are very trusting and fall victim for theses scams. The scammers send out millions and millions of emails, so even if only 0.1% of emails tricks someone into giving away their saving to these criminals, it’s good business for them.

So some Kiwis have designed some Artificial Intelligence waste scammers’s time. They figure the more of scammer’s time they waste, the less time the criminals have to steal money off their victims.

You can read about in detail here: www.rescam.org or just forward any scam you get to me@rescam.org and let their computer go to town on the scammers. And here is promo video about the free service:

NSW Police have advice for staying safe online here.

Bonus: Here’s TED talk about having fun wasting scammer’s time.