Format of Our Bills and Frequency

All our bills are sent out monthly via customers registered email address.

Payment and Billing Options

All invoices can be paid via Visa/MasterCard, Direct Debit or via BPAY. We have streamlined our billing system to make it simple and easy for you to pay. Once payment has been processed you will receive confirmation and an updated invoice. Automated payments can be setup. A card surcharge of 1.75% applies to all payments made by card. Payment made via Direct Debit and BPAY attract no additional cost.

Terms and Conditions of Invoice Payment

Gnet.Live require all invoices to be paid by the due date. Payment made via BPAY and Direct Debit can take up to 5 business days to process. For those with financial hardship you may see our information under our legal section. Contact Gnet.Live prior to the due date to express your financial hardship in line with our policy. For invoices which are 7 days overdue your service will be shaped to 256Kbps Invoices overdue 14 days will incur a late fee of 10% of the invoiced amount.


At Gnet.Live we like to keep things simple and communicate clearly with our customers. This helps us continually provide you with fast local internet solutions. Once your invoice has been paid you will receive confirmation by email. We send an sms reminder to your registered mobile phone number on the due date. Reminders will be sent for outstanding invoices via both email and sms.

We Are Here to Help

At Gnet.Live we are here for our customers if you have any questions relating to billing and payment please contact us directly 02 4977 3000 or email us

We look forward to providing you with fast local internet.