Network Status

WDN Outage: Jan 31, 2019

10:10pm – A power outage is affecting a number of sites in the Cooranbong Area. Current estimated restoration time is about 11:30pm at this stage.

WDN Outage: Dec 18, 2018

1:30pm – A hardware failure is causing an internet outage on WDN in parts of Cooranbong. We expect to have issue fixed by 14:30pm today.

Phone Outage: December 4, 2018

9:30am – [Investigating] An outage with one of our providers is affecting personal phone services. 
10:30 Issue fixed.

Degraded Performance – Voice Services:  October 11, 2018

1:36am –  [Investigating] We are currently investigating inbound call issues from some call areas. We have isolated the issue to another carrier and will have a further update shortly.

8:12am – [Investigating] We are still working with our upstream Carrier on this issue. It appears that outbound calls towards them were also affected and we have shifted the traffic towards other carriers.

9:36am – [Investigating] Currently awaiting update from Upstream carrier. It has been identified that the issue is likely to be in their IP core and has been escalated. Next update at 10.15am if not before.

10:19am – [Identified] Upstream Carrier is investigating their IP Core Network for the issue. Further updates within 45mins.

10:47am  – [Identified] Upstream Carrier has advised this is a widespread outage and have provided this to us; 11th October 10:40 AEDT Optus engineers have observed multiple services reporting poor voice quality (PVQ) and one way speech through the Sunshine Voice switch in Victoria, an Optus Tier 2 voice engineer has commenced investigation. — They have advised further updates will be provided at Midday, if not before.

Please note this is not affecting Outbound Calling which we have routed out through various other carriers.

Please Note: If you have a Inbound or Geo Number which passes through this carrier, we are unable to call forward these numbers as they will continue to have the audio drop out issue.

12:13pm – [Identified] Further Update from Upstream Carrier; 11th October 12:00 AEDT Optus Tier 2 engineers have migrated traffic onto another core router in Sunshine Exchange at 11:22 AEDT which has resolved the majority of impacted calls for one-way speech and PVQ. The outage is still unresolved and Tier 2 engineers along with the vendor and continuing to investigate the BCP routing. —

We are continuing to see issues and have advised them of this. We will have a further update around 1PM AEDT.

12:33pm AEDT – [Monitoring] Although we have not received confirmation of restoration, we can confirm that call quality has returned. We will advise once we have a full update.

1:13pm AEDT –  [Monitoring] At this stage equipment has been isolated that was responsible for the degradation to voice calls and no further impact should be experienced. Further analysis with the vendor is ongoing and call quality is currently being monitored further.

Call Failure Issues – Voice Services: September 13, 2018

We have had reported issues of Call Failures (either BUSY or Random Disconnects) of calls originating from Particular Call Collection Areas in NSW from the Telstra Network towards our Extended Network Partner Optus.

This is effecting calls coming in from the following Call Areas of Gosford, Newcastle, Wyong, Hamilton, Nowra and Wollongong (Both Landline and Mobile). The issue is part of a network issue within Telstra’s last mile transmission network where a card needs replacement on a higher bearer network element. As off this morning alarms have cleared but the hardware will be replaced. Once we have an ETA, we will advise accordingly.


Unplanned Outage – Internet Service: August 22, 2018

There is an outage affecting some Internet Services. The issue is currently under investigation. Further updates will follow once resolved.

8:10pm – The outage has been fixed. All Services are operational.

Unplanned Outage – WDN: June 26-27

There is an outage affecting units in near College View Drive, Cooranbong.

Issue resolved.

Unplanned Outage – WDN: April 27

Hardware replaced. All services restored.

A temporary fix is in place. Hardware will be replaced in next few hours. A short outage will occur when the faulty hardware is swapped out.

We are aware of an outage affecting Adventist Senior Living in Cooranbong, the issue is under investigation.

Unplanned Outage Morriset Industrial Centre: Dec 21

5:50 – 8:50
A hardware failure caused a loss of internet access to customers using fixed wireless in Morriset Industrial Centre. Internet access has been restored.

Unplanned Outage WDN Outage: Dec 18 – 19

The outage has been fixed.

We currently have an outage affecting our fixed wireless network in parts of Cooranboong. Staff are working to resolve the issue.

Planned NBN Outage: Nov 1-2, 2017

Work Start: Wednesday, 1 Nov 2017 11:00 PM Work End: Thursday, 2 Nov 2017 06:00 AM Timezone: Sydney/NSW
Outage Duration: 120 mins Affected Services: NBN Affected Areas: Cooranbong, Morisset, Morisset Peninsula

Due to a third party planned network maintenance, services in the listed areas may experience a disruption during the outage window advised.

Emergency Planned NBN Outage: Oct 24

Work Start: Tuesday, 24 Oct 2017 02:00 AM Work End: Tuesday, 24 Oct 2017 06:00 AM Timezone: Sydney/NSW
Outage Duration: 5 mins Affected Services: NBN Affected Areas: Australia

Due to a third party emergency planned network maintenance, services in the listed areas may experience a disruption during the outage window advised.

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