Information About The Service

The Service

GNET ADSL is a broadband service offering Internet access with a monthly data allowance. The speeds available at each site will vary depending on your distance from the exchange and other factors affecting the copper cable. In metro areas on ADSL2+ the maximum rate at the exchange is 24/1Mbps, or 20/3Mbps for ADSL2+ Annex M (where available). Regional areas are limited by Telstra infrastructure and if ADSL2+ is available can get up to 20/1Mbps at the exchange. Once your monthly data allowance has been used your speed will be reduced (shaped). All our Home plans are shaped at 1/1Mbps (this shaped speed may be higher than your achievable ADSL speed due to local factors such as upload speed on normal ADSL connections).

All plans include a free data boost option. This allows customers 3 data boosts every calendar year at no additional cost. A data boost gives you another monthly data allowance to use until the end of the current calendar month. If you find this is still not giving you enough data we recommend you upgrade your plan to avoid shaping. To get the data boost applied to your account simply request it when you need it.

Mandatory Components

To receive our GNET ADSL service at your locality you will need to be within an ADSL-enabled telephone exchange area which has available DSL ports. You will first need an active phone line with a phone number and we can order your service and look at what options are available at your site. We can provide a compatible router with built in WiFi for an additional cost if required.

Minimum Term

The service is available with a minimum term of 12 months.

Important Conditions

This service may not be available at your location. Please call us to find out if you can be connected to this service at your location.

Minimum Monthly Charge

GNET will send out invoices on the 12th of every month. All invoices are due by the 1st of the following month paid in advance for the month. Invoices paid by card will have payment information stored by our payment gateway and future invoices will be charged automatically on the due date (if payment has not been received by bank transfer). We accept payment via Visa/MasterCard. Paying by card will incur a 1.75% surcharge. Payment via bank transfer is accepted and can be set up with your financial banking institution.

Plan S M L XL
Minimum monthly charge 12-month contract $50* $80* $100* $130*
Data Allowance Monthly 50GB 250GB 500GB Unlimited
Setup BYO Hardware – 12 month contract $100 $100 $100 $100
Compatible Wi-Fi Modem Router $100 $100 $100 $100
Early Termination Charge $150 $150 $150 $150
Minimum charge for 12-month term (standard setup only) $700 $1,060 $1,300 $1,660

Any cabling that is required in your premises beyond the Network Boundary point is the customers responsibility. Additional charges may apply if internal cable needs repairing/replacing.

Maximum Monthly Charge

All monthly costs are the maximum we charge for data. There are NO excess data usage charges. Invoices which are paid 7 days later then due date will incur a late fee charge of $15 or 10% of the invoice amount whichever is the higher of the two amounts. Invoices which are outstanding will result in your service speed being shaped to 256/256Kbps. Invoices which are 14 days overdue will result in your service being suspended until full payment has been received.

Early Termination Charges

All plans include a 1-month settling in period. If you are not happy with your service you can leave within this period without paying any early termination charge.

If you cancel your service within your 12-month contract period you will incur an early termination charge of $150.

Unit Pricing Information

Plan S M L XL
Monthly Included Allowance 50GB 250GB 500GB Unlimited
Cost of using 1GB incl. in allowance, 12-month contract $1/GB $0.32/GB $0.20/GB N/A

Other Information

Usage Information

For data services with a data limit, you will be sent an email when your service reaches 50%, 85% and 100% of your data allowance. Usage is not provided for unlimited data services. You may view your current usage anytime by going to when on our network. Your unused monthly data allowance expires each month. Once your allowance has been reached your speed will be shaped for the remainder of the billing cycle.

Enquires, Feedback and Complaints

We are committed to providing you with excellent service. Please contact us by calling 02 4977 3000 or by sending an email to if you have any questions.

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO)

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint after contacting us you may contact the TIO for independent mediation. If you wish to contact the TIO, you can do so as follows:

This is a summary only. Please contact us for further information or visit our website for full Terms and Conditions. Summary valid as of June 2016.