Mandalong & Wyee

Our network is expanding. Early September 2019 we will be able to connect customers in selected areas of Mandalong and Wyee to our own Watagan Digital Network (WDN). This is our network and is NOT part of the NBN.

Some important notes:

  • One of our staff will come to your site to confirm you can receive the service.
  • This service requires line of sight to our tower. Trees and other tall objects can affect the wireless signal. We will ensure you have a stable service and notify if there may be potential issues achieving an optimal service
  • If you want to know more about the service for your location please fill out the form below.
  • Service speeds are between 30-60Mbps for Personal customers.
  • Business customers requiring dedicated high speeds links are welcome to contact us.

Interesting in getting more info?

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